The primary purpose of this site is to answer any questions you may have on the topic of gardening in raised beds.

We aim to cover everything under the sun regarding raised bed gardening:

  • the pros and cons of raised bed gardening
  • things to consider when building your own raised bed
  • the best raised bed products and kits in the marketplace
  • what type of soil mixture to fill your raised bed with
  • maintaining your raised bed soil
  • how to arrange various crops inside your raised bed
  • and much, much more.

We also want to provide basic, all-purpose gardening information (not specific to raised bed gardening) in a very concise and helpful way.

Over time, we hope to provide how-to videos and also a downloadable podcast to supplement the blog articles on this site.

The secondary purpose of this site is to create a community of raised bed gardeners and to harness its collective wisdom, so please comment!  We don’t consider ourselves the experts on this subject and would love to learn from you.

Finally, we hope to inspire you to build your own raised bed or two (or ten) and start gardening organically in a way that maximizes your space and productivity and saves your back – in a raised bed!

(Note: many of the photos used on this blog are from the Houzz website (with permission) and you can go there by clicking on the photos)

Some Important Things To Consider Before Buying Or Building A Raised Bed


My goal with this post is to help you think about some important concepts before you invest your time, money and effort into buying (or building) and installing a raised bed.  I won’t go into any great detail – I just want to give you a quick but comprehensive tour of the major considerations.

If you want a fairly tall and handsome raised bed (like the ones seen in the photos on this site) that is built to last, you are going to be tackling a major project with significant costs attached.

You will want to get things right the first time! [Read more…]

The Perfect Soil Mixture For Filling Your Raised Bed

If you research what various experts say about this topic, you will find that they don’t all agree.

And in fact, you should keep in mind that the best soil mixture for any raised bed can and sometimes should vary from one gardening situation to another. [Read more…]

Fall Leaves Are A Valuable Free Resource For The Home Gardener!


Mastering the subject of fall leaves (and what to do/not do with them) can provide great long-lasting value to the home gardener.

I think a lot of gardeners are missing a golden opportunity to enrich their garden beds and lawns and save money by not using this God-given resource that actually does grow on trees (and falls from the sky). [Read more…]

Seasonal Maintenance Of Your Raised Bed Garden Soil

The purpose of this post is to help you get an idea of some of the things you can do throughout the year to keep your soil in great shape.

Your soil is slowly but surely being “worn down” by the effects of the elements and your plants themselves, which are consuming all of the good “nutrition” they can find in your soil.

It is up to the gardener to organically replenish the soil, and this is best done in a slow and steady fashion throughout the year.

Let me summarize these tasks first, before I go into greater detail: [Read more…]

Galvanized Livestock Watering Troughs Are A Great Option For Raised Beds

 One of the biggest obstacles to creating a raised bed garden for many people is the time and difficulty involved in building the raised beds.

I have built many wooden raised beds myself and I can tell you that if you want your raised beds to be fairly tall and attractive and built-to-last, it is not a quick and simple project. [Read more…]

Limited Garden Space? Increase The Productivity Of Your Space With Raised Beds!

A common problem encountered by many gardeners is a simple lack of gardening space.

Maybe your yard is just too small.  Maybe you have a large yard but it is mostly shaded.

Whatever the case may be, raised beds can be a powerful tool in the gardener’s toolkit for solving the problem of limited garden space. [Read more…]